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Super Hi-Vision: Inside the 8K, Future of Television
                                  Date : Jan.20, 2017  SourceBy: Newtechtv

If you have had the opportunity to check out the power of 8K televisions that are being showcased at various tech exhibits, then you already know how brilliant and breathtaking the picture quality of these television sets is. The Super Hi-Vision, also known as UHD technology, is something right out of the future. It¡¯s as if somebody went into the future and came back with a television set of the era. The truth is that we honestly feel that it is too early to expect Super Hi-Vision to hit the mainstream market. The reason is that the entertainment industry is yet to completely come to terms with the predecessor technology ¨C 4K. However, there are some strong signs that 8K may soon be accepted by the industry. The biggest sign of them all is the backing 8K is getting from NHK.

NHK, or Nippon Housou Kyoukai, is a Japanese broadcaster who has been at the forefront of technological revolutions in the television industry. In fact, innovations like color television broadcasting, and HD broadcasting owe a significant part of their success to NHK. In 2012, NHK gave us a preview of what 8K picture quality would be like. To say that it blew away everyone¡¯s minds is an understatement.

For comparison, 8K resolution is 7680¡Á4320 pixels, while 4K resolution is 3840¡Á2160 pixels. Looking at these numbers, it might look like 8K is about twice as good as 4K. But, the truth is that 8K is 16 times better than 4K. 4K, or 3840¡Á2160, is about 2 million pixels. 8K, on the other hand, is 33 million pixels. Today¡¯s TV technology is not capable of handling this kind of raw power.

If you thought 4K is superb, 8K is a giant leap from there. The leap here is not to bring the television screen and camera recording as close to reality as possible. Instead, it is to outmatch the reality itself. That¡¯s right. Super Hi-Vision beats human eyes in many ways. Very few human¡¯s eyes are capable of capturing the depth of field that is delivered by an 8K camera. Soon, although not very soon, you will have televisions that features 16 times the resolution of today¡¯s best televisions.

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