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OLED new technology
OLED: Organic Light-Emitting Diode,contrast with LED TV-Liquid Crystal Display,difference shown in lighting principle.

OLED displaying technology owns warious advantages:automatic lighting;wide view angles;infinitely high contrast ratio;lower power consumption;highest response speed etc.

This technology is common used in electronics like mobile;digital camera;DVD player; notebook pc etc.Currently, tvs in field use became new tendency.

Tracking news before on international record, LG electronics firstly launch LG curved OLED TV ffor global in CES on Jan,2013,it indicates global entering OLED era for big sizes.13th-Sept.of the same year, LG hold new tv products conference in Beijing,pushed out the first curved OLED TV in model LG55EA9980-CA which showed OLED TV age came in China.

Come back to China domestic market, at the same time in 2013,KONKA became the pioneer leader for OLED TV launching, it indicated that KONKA owned related OLED displaying technology and showed out its strong products&tech.comprehensive ability, which gave consumer completely new tech.and visual experience.

In future, OLED will be mostly common use in tv fileds,4k UHD and curved one is the perfect matching&using in OLED.
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