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Transparent TVs: The Good and The Bad

Transparent TVs: The Good and The Bad


Television technology has gone through quite a ride in the past decades. With manufacturers dishing out the latest technology every few months, the consumer has the luxury to choose from a variety of cutting edge entertainment solutions. CES 2016 saw an interesting technology making its debut. This was the transparent television. Frankly, transparent displays are not really a new thing. But, it has been presented this way for the first time to the mass market. Major TV manufacturers like 
Panasonic and LG are offering their transparent televisions to the customers. But, is the technology really worth the hype, or is it just a flash in the pan? Here is the good and the bad of transparent technology to enable you to make the right decision.

The Good

The transparent display TVs look really sleek in the living room, and lend it an upscale look. Panasonic displayed its transparent television in a living room set up, where you can see all the show pieces behind the TV as well. You can see the television come to life whenever you watch it. This technology is a combination of TOLED and LCD displays, which makes the screen clear when not in use. But, you can see each and every color on the screen.

This “can” be the future of the television industry if the masses accept the concept wholeheartedly. Anything and everything that could be done with the size of the TVs has already been done. A transparent display that completely blends in with the environment seems like an obvious step. The transparent display also gives a sense of space. There is no bulky television that you have to make space for. You can very well store anything behind the TV and still see it. This is an ideal addition to a house that is small and needs to accommodate more in less space.

Power savings is another big factor that makes Transparent TVs attractive. Some say that transparent displays can use as less as 10 percent of the energy used by the traditional LCD screens. The technology makes use of the ambient day light during the daytime, while at night, it switches to a black background. Such low power consumption can easily translate to big savings for the TV owner.

Transparent displays have the potential to become the next big thing in the area of displays. The technology looks like it belongs to every smart home. In effect, there is this glass panel that just comes to life at your command. Computers and portable devices too may find this technology an attractive proposition.

The Bad

Transparent TVs deliver splendidly in the aesthetics department. They are stylish and cool in every living room. But, resolution is a big issue with transparent TVs. For instance, Panasonic’s transparent TV maxes out at a resolution of 1080p. If you replace your television with a transparent one, you will see a good reduction in the image quality, even with 1080p resolution. Now, consumers are already used to enjoying high quality pictures on their television. A sudden change may be noticeable and may not be acceptable to many consumers. Manufacturers are working on improving the picture. But, it is still work in progress.

Transparent TVs also need slightly more maintenance than regular television sets, so that is added effort and cost. Moreover, Transparent TVs are not exactly a finished product. The companies are still improving on their current designs to counter the challenges that this technology is throwing their way.


Transparents LED TV were one of the most exciting products displayed at CES 2016. They were able to capture the imagination of the attendees, which means that they have the potential to become the next big trend. That being said, one can never be sure; when 3D TVs popped into existence, they were an instant hit, but we have just put that technology behind us. Hopefully, transparent TVs will not suffer the same fate and the manufacturers will be able to offer the consumers something substantial and worth their money. They will also have to make sure that they are able to achieve this in a short time to remain relevant in such a highly competitive space.


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