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Summary of 2016 and Prospects of 2017 for TV Industry

  In 2016,color tvs performs excellent, retail sales reached 19.7 million units,accounting for 39%, an increase of 51.3%. ".Weng Zhenhua,general manager of Owen cloud network,said color tv grow rapidly also has entered the rapid reshuffle channel,2017 all smart TV companies will face greater challenges and survival pressures.

  Weng Zhenhua's conclusion is from the repor<Operation of color tv line in 2016> of Ovidian net,the report shows that 2016 annual color TV retail scale historic breakthrough 50 million mark, 50.89 million units, an increase of 7.8%,but from the amount of sales,the retail sales of the whole industry is 156 billionRMB,down 1.8%,there has been an increase in revenue but not the problem of poor harvest.Industry experts said that the biggest reason for this phenomenon is because many Internet TV companies "spoiler."

  The permeability of smart tv in 2016 reached 83%,in the fourth quarter of 2016,TV APP per capita single use of has up to 35 minutes.Television content constantly enrich and perfect and television ecology gradually mature to take intelligent as the center.China's Internet TV brand flooded into television market with all new era of appearance and carrying a large number of content updates,new service and entertainment forms,is also an important facilitator of home Internet scene.According to the whole channel data of Ovidia net,it showed that the market of Internet brand shared 18.9%,is up 8% comparing to last year. From the whole machine, following the acquisition of Skyworth Skyworth in 2015 in Germany, Hisense acquired Sharp United States, Changhong acquisition of Sanyo TV,the music in 2016 as a wholly-owned acquisition of the United States vizio,2016 Chinese brands in the global share of 30%, an increase of 3.2 Percentage points.

  It is worth us to note that,2016 has a milestone for domestic color TV industry and achieved a breakthrough in international market. WengZhenhua pointed out that,whether it is on the industrial chain or machine sales,Chinese brands have been going into the world.In 2016.the shipment of China's  panel has been over 30%,which is expected to remain in 2017

  Looking ahead to 2017, the report points out that the color TV have become increasingly unpromising through low prices to quickly capture the market.Differentiation will become the only choice for each brand to achieve breakthrough of market.The high-end market will be promising, but if they want to achieve something in this market, relevant layout for both software and hardware will be needed, the sooner enterprise can realize this, the biggest advantages of this enterprise will get in the future.

  China Video Industry Association Vice President and Secretary-General Hao Yabin pointed out that China's color TV industry in 2017 is still facing a very complex and grim situation, the main development and opportunities will focus on big market,big change,big challenge,large service and upgrade,etc.

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