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Annual Conference for Kings in 2017
         Shenzhen Kings International Enterprise Limited held the 15th splendid annua conference in Dayhello International Hotel on Jan.18,2017,which means a summary to the past 15 years and rewards to its hard-working members.Kings TV achieved big success for its increasingly progress,over thousands billion turnover,expanded factory scale and excellent service etc. Annual conference includes mainly attractive opening,fair drawing lottery,meaningful award presentation and wonderful cocktail and banquet.People attend the meeting enjoy themselves,they wish Kings tv a better performance and huge progress.

One.Attractive opening

Two.Fair drawing lottery

Three.Meaningful award presentation

Four.Wonderful cocktail and banquet

          Kings annual conferernce successfully comes to an end.All the members are grateful to work in such a united and happy family.They believe Kings tv will be more successful,stronger and continuely supply good quality products and service to our customers.
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