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STOGA 36pc Colorful Wood
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STOGA 36pc Colorful Wood
Product Name:STOGA 36pc Colorful Wood
Product Model:
  • Sturdy wood craftsmanship from sustainably sourced forests.
  • Brightly colored and non-toxic finishes and child safe materials.
  • Included 36 pieces such as figures,letters,a variety of patterns.
  • Improve kid's imagination, hand coordination, learning ability and logical thinking.
  • Vibrant colored beads will give your baby all time of fun.

Goods with a rope string, the number of beads around 36 such as figures, simple calculation of symbols and a variety of shapes of beads.colorful, the use of environmentally friendly paint. The role of this toy can teach young children to understand the shape of the beads and the color.In the process of beaded game learning figures,Improve your baby's interest in learning.So that young children by color or shape to sort the beads. Random.,disorder. Repeatedly wear beads, and constantly improve the speed. According to the shape or color of the request repeated beaded.

Material: wood(36) 
Product dimension :3*3*1.7cm 
Product weight:400g 
package dimension:24*24*5cm 
package weight:500g 
Recommended age:5 years and up

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