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STOGA Remote Control Boat
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STOGA  Remote Control Boat
Product Name:STOGA Remote Control Boat
Product Model:
  • Compact size and high speed 30km/h RC boat ready for you to have free sailing on water up to 150 meters control distance.
  • Easy to control and turn left/right/forward/backward, 180 degrees accurate orientation.
  • Waterproof hull with anti-tilt modular design is built from impact-resistant ABS plastic parts are easily maintained and replaced.
  • Unique LCD display screen transmitter which show battery capacity and automatic low battery alarm.
  • Capsize recovery feature - push throttle & trigger forward then back to self-right the boat.

Tips you should know: 
- Ensure the top cover tamp down tightly before running: fasten the top cover forwards and hear "dong", then button up it backwards. That indicates it is locked tightly. 
- Put on the water first and then turn on the controller, the screw propeller won't turn when it was on the land, the boat ONLY works on the water. 
- Open the top cover and remove the battery after running to ensure the inner surface of boat is dry, otherwise it will shorten the lifetime of the boat.

 Functions: Turn left/right, Forward/backward, 180 degrees accurate orientation 
Remote Control: 2.4GHz Wireless 150 meter distance control,free shift for right and left hand 
Remote Control Channel: 4-Channels 
Battery capacity: 7.4 V 600mah lithium battery 
Transmitter Power: 4 x 1.5V AA battery(not included) 
Playing time: 6 - 8mins 
Charging time: 45mins 
Product Size: 14.2 x 3.7 x 3.0 inches 
Package size: 14.6*11.0* 4.7 inches 
Weight: 300g

Package Contents: 
 1x RC Boat 
1x Lithium battery
1x Transmitter controller 
1x Charger 
1x User manual 
1x supporter set 
1x Lubrication tools set 
1x Spare propeller

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